The Gmail app is one of the most used apps and is definitely a must-have for all Android users. Well, that’s obvious, because the Gmail app comes pre-installed on all Android smartphones and devices. The point is- there’s no email app or service that can beat the convenience and simplicity of the Gmail app.

gmail apk update download

However, you should know that the Gmail app has become so awesome due to the updates that its developers have released for it. New updates bring new features and changes to the app, making it better every time. These regular updates improve the app and make it more stable with each release. This is why you should keep checking for new Gmail app updates.

Talking about the latest Gmail download for Android, the app has been updated to version number 6.7.128801648. The new Gmail 6.7 APK download file (build number 58383328) weighs 17.59 MB and is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. There’s no changelog with this new Gmail APK release, so we can’t say whether there’s anything new in this update.

But you can at least expect bug fixes and overall improvements in stability and performance. Anyway, this is a stable update and not a beta version, so you should definitely download it. To download Gmail APK latest version, you can visit If you prefer, you can get the latest Gmail update for Android from the Google Play Store as well.


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