It is not a new fact that ‘Girl Meets World’ Season 4 was cancelled by Disney Channel after successfully airing three seasons in tandem. There was a big expectation on the series’ showrunners and producers that they would be able to sign a new contract with any other broadcaster but so far we can’t see any ray of hope.

Girl Meets World Season 4
Photo Source: Facebook/Girl Meets World

Michael Jacobs confirmed in the previous month that there was not any viable network to pick up ‘Girl Meets World’ Season 4. But according to Jacobs, this doesn’t mean that there are no storylines planned for the show.

A buzz created headlines for over a month that ‘Girl Meets World’ Season 4 would be picked up by the streaming giant Netflix. But the deal was not successful and fans are quite disappointed. The way Netflix is on a spree to cancel the series like ‘Girlboss,’ ‘Sense8,’ ‘Bloodline’ and ‘The Get Down,’ there was actually no hope from the broadcaster. Even most of the actors who had been parts of the series have not disclosed any update as yet after Netflix refused to stream the series.

Although the platform is still not confirmed, Jacob continues to encourage the viewers by tweeting about some interesting facts from the season 4’s storylines. This is obviously a strategy to let the viewers know that nothing has ended and they are trying their best to making it successful.

“Season 4 would’ve shown that what drew Farkle, Lucas and Zay to Riley and Maya was the deep friendship and respect they had for each other,” Jacob tweeted, as also confirmed by Inquisitr. He further stated that the characters’ relationship would serve as a ‘guide in how to meet the world,’ mainly in today’s modern world.

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