GTX 1060 offers gamers the sweet spot of gaming at higher resolutions, and the 6GB worth of frame buffer is definitely a welcomed feature when you want to game at higher resolutions. GIGABYTE, a popular name when it comes to gaming motherboards and GPUs has announced its XTREME GAMING edition of the GTX 1060, and as you can tell from the images, the graphics card is already looking to be a top performer when compared against the regular version of NVIDIA’s sweet spot gaming card.

The GIGABYTE GTX 1060 XTREME EDITION 6GB comes with a modified WindForce 2X cooler, which will remove heat much faster compared to the non-reference model. The improved cooling system will also enable overclockers to get higher overclocks from the GPU. Speaking of overclocked, this version of GTX 1060 is already running at an overclocked speed, so you’re already going to be guaranteed additional performance as soon as you remove it out of its box. The core clock of the graphics card is running at a speed of 1645MHz, and 187MHz in OC model.

Most GPUs that come with custom coolers often have the memory clocked at the same level as those reference versions, but the GIGABYTE GTX 1060 XTREME EDITION 6GB has its memory overclocked to 8316MHz, which officially makes it the fastest GTX 1060 with a custom cooler to be announced. On top of this, you should know that the cooler is a triple-slot one, so make sure that you have adequate room in your chassis before you purchase this.

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This edition of the GTX 1060 also provides support for VR Link. VR Link is essentially two HDMI connectors placed right next to the power connector and it helps to avoid compatibility issues when you’re plugging in your VR headset for those advanced gaming sessions. There is currently no pricing details on the GIGABYTE GTX 1060 XTREME EDITION 6GB model, but we’ll update you when the time comes.