The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is already out and many companies are working on the GPU to make it even better with their custom design. Gigabyte is one such company that is readying its product called Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AORUS WaterForce Xtreme Edition, which will come with AIO water cooling and is expected to launch soon.

Videocardz has provided all the details about the yet to be launched graphics card. The publication is quite a reliable source of product information much before their launch and has provided with many such details in the past too.

A picture of the AORUS design has also been provided that gives us a look at the high-end design that the graphics card will carry. It features a full AIO water cooling and the shroud of the GPU has an orange and black colour theme. The top has RGB lighting, probably set to orange by default, and the product tagline mentioned on the side also seems to have RGB lighting.

To keep the heat at bay, the card is seen to have a 120mm radiator plus fan with large tubes attached to it. The report mentions that there would be three HDMI ports along with two DisplayPort and one DVI port. AORUS’ VR-Link technology will make use of the extra HDMI ports to bring a smoother VR experience.

One of the images of the AORUS WaterForce Xtreme Edition mentions a warranty of 4 years along with all the tech that Nvidia has put inside. Talking about the internals, the GPU has 3584 CUDA cores, 224 TMUs, 88 ROPs, 11GB of GDDR5X memory, and dual 8-pin connectors. The full custom PCB will be using this extra connector to power itself.

Some reports say the card to come with overclocked from the factory but the exact specifications are still not known. The pricing of the card is also just a rumour and is said to be around $800 and the exact numbers will be known when it is officially launched in the coming weeks.


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