After a long wait, we are finally getting some real information regarding AMD’s upcoming series of graphics cards multiple sources. Renowned gaming portal Videocardz has revealed the box art of GIGABYTE and AORUS RX 500 series, while Chipshell forums have revealed the first CPU-Z screenshot of the Polaris 20 XTS GPU, or simply known as Polaris 20.

CPU-Z screenshot:


The leak from Chipshell forums makes one thing pretty clear. Polaris 20 won’t be much different from Polaris 10. The screenshot revealed features exact same hardware configurations but with a better binned chip and higher clock-rates. The upcoming GPU throttles at a 1450MHz, up from 1266MHz, and promises performance boost by up to 10-15% over Polaris 10. The revision is also E7 as compared to the C7 offered earlier.

Polaris 20 XTX will be deployed in AMD Radeon RX 580, Polaris 20 XTL in RX 570, and Polaris 11 aka Baffin in lower-end graphic cards.

GIGABYTE, AORUS and POWERCOLOR RX 580 Graphics Cards (Polaris 20 XTL)

Among the box arts released via Videocardz, first up, we’ll take a look at AORUS RX 580 XTR with 8 gigabytes of VRAM. This card comes with RGB goodness and a dual-fan windforce cooler. The non-XTR variant of this card is pretty much the same but is more affordable with a lower profile windforce cooler and possibly lower clocks as well. At the same level, Gigabyte Game G1 RX 580 and “Golden” Red Devil RX 580 have also been detailed with very similar capabilities. Also, if you don’t need that much amount of juice, there’s an option to go with lower end variants of these cards with 4GB of memory.

GIGABYTE, AORUS and POWERCOLOR RX 570 Graphics Card (Polaris 20 XTL)

In the RX 570 series of graphic cards, we have GIGABYTE RX 570 Gaming with 4 gigs of VRAM and AORUS 4G, which also looks pretty much similar. However, despite these similarities, the best cooler award would still go to PowerColor which offers Red Devil with a triple fan cooler and Red Dragon with a two-fan design.

GIGABYTE, AORUS and PowerColor RX 550 Graphics Card (Lexa Pro)

Moving towards the lower end, GIGABYTE RX 550 GAMING 2G and GAMING OC cards have also been leaked. The lower end variant of the two has a single fan cooler, while OC version bears a dual fan design. Even the PowerColor variant also comes with a single-fan design. Apart from this, no other details haven’t been detailed yet.


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