GhostShell, the hacker behind the Team GhostShell hacking crew has revealed his true identity in a joint interview with and


The hacker was active since early 2012 and hacked hundreds leading to disclosure of thousands of personal records.

GhostShell targets included many Alexa Top 1000 websites comprising university portals, US government agency, large corporations and many others.

The hacker worked mostly under the name of GhostShell, but at times released leaks as Anonymous when he thought it would benefit the cause more than using his name.

GhostShell still hasn’t been caught despite targeting high-profiles

He was most active between 2012 and end of 2013 when the hacker stopped publishing data leaks. But, he stressed involvement in hacking that time too with more focus on high-profile targets.

GhostShell pioneered the concept of dark hacktivism which made him famous in the world of hacktivism. He is one of the few to have escaped all through.

Even Anonymous, LulzSec, or the recent CWA hackers have been arrested one time or the other, but GhostShell and his crew never been in the press for this reason.

GhostShell comes from Bucharest and is 24 years old.


In his interview with Dissent, the administrator of, GhostShell doxed himself, which is a rarest of all occurrence.

Citing the copy of an older passport the hacker sent to Dissent, GhostShell’s real name is Razvan Eugen Gheorghe, a 24-year-old Romanian living in Bucharest, the country’s capital.

To supplement his authenticity, the hacker provided credentials to his PasteBin profile, from which he published all previous data leaks.

GhostShell explained the reason behind him becoming a hacker was the unavailability of a legitimate job, which is a real-life situation for most of the world top-level hackers.

“Also let it be known for future generations to come that I am literally the only person in history from my country that has to prove his worth even after everything that’s happened just so I can get a job in the industry despite every 10 year old that defaced or ddosed random websites getting autohired. I am truly a legend of something,” GhostShell says.

The hacker is obviously pretty frustrated and hopes to get himself arrested and then reach a plea deal to provide his services for good, just for the chance at a legitimate job in the field of cyber-security.

In the below-given map, you can see the house of GhostShell which is just 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away from DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism). So, if the authorities want to arrest him, it will take just ten minutes to reach his house.



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