Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is finally out and it breaking the record every day. Now that the game is out, most of you will definitely be wondering about its performance on PC. If you are going to pick it up for as your favorite Tactical Shooter, you should know that both AMD and Nvidia have upgraded the drivers for Wildlands. Thanks to Keith May of WccfTech, let’s see how good both of these graphics cards perform to the Next-gen and innovative AnvilNext engine of Ubisoft’s.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC Performance

Testing and Methodology

Instead of being critics, we’ll rather talk about the true performance of the game using the x99 testing system. Once we’re all set up, we’ll move forward with the High preset in place. High preset offers good ground to start the game with. If we compare it with other games, we’ll see that on High preset, we’ll receive good performance with very little gains. As we know Ghost Recon Wildlands is a massively Open World game, so there are a number of elements such as Action, weather, and a lot of other uncontrollable details, that on the inbuilt benchmark will work perfectly in the first few missions.

As you progress, the game gets a little more performance hungry and requires a good tech. So if you run the game on three instances, each with the in-built benchmark, AMD, and NVIDIA, you’ll find out that there are certain differences in the performance and it keeps on fluctuating between Lows and highs according to the levels of Average FPS rates.

Following the detail about x99 test and tests conducted with various Graphics Cards.

x99 testing System

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Various Graphic Cards and Tests

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1080p Results

1080p is the most favorite graphic resolution of most of the players. So, here we are starting it out with 1080p resolution with GeForce cards. We see that the GeForce offer an advantage over all the others with only 1percent lows and 1percent gains. However, the Radeon cards put up to the respectable averages as well. The only flaws we saw with the Radeon are the consistent stuttering and some pixel issues. Here is the result with 1080p resolutions.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC Performance

1440p Results

The 1440p results show a very little change in the performance and charts that are directly concerned with the minimum. This makes a lot of players think about the fury cards and they might question the frame buffer rates. In reality, 1440p High is a good choice that restricts from exceeding 4GB HBM. Following is the result with 1440p resolutions.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC Performance

4K Results

4k is currently the highest of resolutions you’ll ever try with Ghost Recon Wildlands. If you are serious about some really good and crispy results, you’ll need a Gsync monitor. Only GTX 1080 supports 4K and it is able to keep the 1% and 1% ratios above the 30fps mark. Here is the result with 4K.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC Performance

Check out the video below by Wccftech for a detailed insight on all the testings they have done on the Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Despite Radeon having the Ghost Recon Wildlands drivers out first, from beta launch to full boot of the game, it might not be able to catch up with the original frame rates at High. That doesn’t mean that the average frame rate is not achievable while using them. As compared to Fiji, you’ll find out the Radeons have a good frame rate. Fijis can be better with a bunch of tweaks. As compared to the Open Beta performance of the game, you’ll notice that all of the cards are showing many improvements over Radeon’s open beta.

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On the other hand, the GeForce cards we now know that the GTX 1050 needs somehow the lower settings, but the other GeForce cards show a very few minimum. This results in a very smooth gameplay experience. So for all those who like running the game on any Mid—ranged system, must use GeForce and choose a preset that offers a smooth play. All the Radeon users will have to go through a bit of hectic routine because they’ll have to tweak the system a bit in order to have a really good performance.