The map in GTA 5 has 100 square miles. The map of the crew has 1900. And Ubisoft said that the wildlands map will be even bigger. But how big? The map is said to be made up of 21 regions, with each region featuring its own civilian population. There are towns, roads, and waterways found in each region, which also come with different ways of life and industries.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands Map is going to be one of the biggest ever

Level/map devs have come so far with their craft. This is an amazing work of art. We think the people who do the crafting of maps, models, characters, as well as other content developers on huge projects like this, really deserve a lot of credit. They build the playgrounds we love to play in.

This looks cool but they said that the world is going to be really populated. So, and since it’s Ubisoft, they punish you for killing civilians. So it doesn’t seem like you can do as much stuff as you wanted. Remember that a big map is a good map only if is full of content. Deus Ex, for example, doesn’t have big maps, but it’s completely saturated with content. And things to do, so it’s “perfect”.

How you approach a mission is in your own hands. You can sneak in, go all guns blazing with stolen heavy weapons and armored vehicles. Parachute in from the sky at night, or maintain a low profile and use an enemy vehicle to trojan horse an enemy camp. With all those gameplay styles at our disposal, we are more than excited to see how Ubisoft uses such a large map.


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