Customers who use Apple’s iCloud on a daily basis probably noticed that spam invites coming to their account saw a massive surge during the last couple of weeks. If you’re one of them and are annoyed by spam invites we may have a solution for you.


For now, the spam invites are limited to the Calendar and Photo Sharing features of iCloud, with the user getting a request to share or view an image, or an album in iCloud Photo Sharing. Now, if you get a spam invite and select “decline,” the negative answer will just alert the sender of the spam invite about your account being active, meaning they will continue sending spam invites.

Basically, it’s better to just ignore the spam invite since that way you won’t alert the spammer about your profile being active. When you choose “decline” option, the spammer will know you’re active and will keep sending you spams to your Calendar and Photo Sharing. This can be quite irritating especially since, for instance, when you receive a spam email you can choose to put the email address of the sender in the spam filter, and even if you click on the spam email, the sender can’t know about your account being active.

For all people who are constantly receiving spam invites on their iCloud, just follow these steps and stop spam invites from coming.

iCloud Calendar Spam Invites Solution

The workaround was discovered By AppleTips, and it is working like a charm.

Step 1 – Open the Calendar app; Got to Calendars and after that tap on the Edit option.

Step 2 – Add a calendar to the list; name it whatever you want (but make it something easy to remember, Spam Calendar, for instance), and tap Done.

Step 3 – Double tap Done option in order to return to the calendar.

Step 4 – Now, open the spam invite and tap the bottom (placed above invite) on a calendar.

Step 5 – Select the new calendar you’ve made, and repeat the process for all spam invites.

Step 6 – Get back to calendars, and tap on the i-button placed right next to the Spam calendar you’re made.

Step 7 – Scroll down, and tap the “Delete Calendar” option.

That’s it! If you followed all steps, there should be no more spam invites for you iCloud Calendar.

The only spam solution for iCloud Photo Sharing is to completely turn the feature off. To do so, go to Settings, then to Photos and Camera; after you entered Photos and Camera, tap on the “Disable iCloud Photo Sharing” option.

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