Gilmore Girls, one of the cult TV shows that aired during 2000-2007 is getting a sort of sequel in the form of mini-series, airing exclusively on Netflix. To celebrate the return of the cult show, Netflix opened Luke’s Diners across the US. There, you could drink a free coffee in the familiar surroundings of the popular TV show café. And for all fans who managed to enter Luke’s Diner, there was a special treat.

All fans got a coffee cup with a special Snapchat code that granted them a secret Gilmore Girls Snapchat filter! The filter is comprised out of a toaster with a popped toast containing a Netflix logo, under which a familiar Gilmore Girls logo is shown. On top of that, in the upper left corner you can see a memorable Luke’s sign hanging from a pole.

All you have to do in order to get the special Snapchat logo is to scan the code found on the coffee cup (shown on the Tweet above) and voilà! You can Snapchat yourself with a cup of coffee and a special Luke’s filter and share your excitement about the show’s revival. A perfect virtual gift for all Gilmore Girls fans.


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