If you are a keen Zelda: Breath of the Wild player, you must be after the Master Sword. Acquiring Master Sword is kind of a challenging job because to get to the Master Sword you have to traverse through the “Lost Woods”.

Lost Woods is a forest filled with all kinds of challenges, puzzles, and traps. The main purpose of the Lost Woods is to prevent you from reaching out to the Master Sword. So, on your way to the Master Sword, you’ll face a variety of different challenges. There are a lot of different ways in which you can traverse through the Lost Woods and reach down to the Master Sword. But, all of them are quite tricky and if you want to survive and stay on the course, you can choose the following method.

The Best Way To Get To The Lost Woods

The best way to get to the Lost Woods is to start your journey from the Woodland Tower. From Woodland Tower, you can glide down to the path leading to the Lost Woods. On your way, you’ll find a giant skull that will try different ways to stop you from entering the Lost Woods. That’s totally up to you to deceive the Skull and reach down to the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods and the Fog

Once you are in the Lost Woods, heavy fog will surround you so you won’t be able to look far. Be careful as every wrong turn will take you back to the very start of your journey in the Lost Woods. At this point, you’ll have to start it out all again.

One you start traversing, follow the path and you’ll reach to the Archway. Go through the Archway and you’ll find a torch. Once you are near to torch, look around and you’ll find another torch. From this point on, start following the torches along the path. Don’t forget the pick up the chest that you’ll find in a hollowed tree. You’ll also find torches in a particular order (North, West, South, West) in the Lost Woods. So you must keep on looking for that order because they play an important role in keeping you on the path.

Keep on following the torches and when you reach to the last set of torches, you’ll find keeping on course quite harder. Don’t get worried and keep walking. In order to reach down to the Korok village, pick up a torch from the last set of torches and follow the direction in which the embers fall. This will help you a lot. Based on my experience, I would run in a southwest direction and every time the heavy fog tries to engulf me, I would run back and prevent it

Prevent the Heavy Fog

If in case you are engulfed in the fog, you’ll end up re-spawned at the last set of torches. And you’ll have to start from there again. Keep on doing that and you’ll eventually reach the same point back. A fine way to prevent this from happening is to keep on checking the map. It helps you keep on the path and prevent possible re-spawns.

Another good way to prevent getting onto the wrong way is to running in steps. Once you have the idea of where you are going, you must run and stop after a brief distance you cover. Keeping track of the direction of the wind is also important. While following the direction of Embers, make sure the wind is at your back. It’ll help you get to your destination easily and without any possible mishaps.

If you find the above set of instructions is somehow not helping you out, you can have a look at the following video uploaded to YouTube by Game Clips and Tips. This video will definitely help you out if you are stuck at the Lost Woods.


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