How to Install Latest Pokemon GO APK on Android Devices [Region Free Download]

If you are a Pokemon fan, you should definitely be knowing that the game has now been released, and for those who don’t know, it is an augmented reality (AR) game. The game is based on the same mechanics as the popular AR game Ingress.

Pokémon Go

So basically you wear a Pokemon GO wearable and use your smartphone to find Pokemon around you. You then have to roam around in real life and you will be notified when a Pokemon is around to catch. It’s a really cool game that uses your real life surroundings as the map for the game. That’s the reason why Pokemon GO was one of the most-awaited games recently.

How to Get Pokemon GO

So you want to download Pokemon GO? Well, the game has not been released to all the countries that means you cannot get it on Play Store. But you can install the APK of the game to avoid region restrictions. Latest Pokemon GO APK download for Android is now available for those who can’t find the game in the Google Play Store.

How to Install Pokemon GO on Android

  1. If you are in one of the regions where Pokemon GO has been officially released for Android, you can download the game directly from the Google Play Store.
  2. In case you don’t find the game in the Play Store, you need to install it from the Pokemon GO APK download file that you can get from The current version at the time of updating this article is 0.29.3.
  3. Open that APK file on your Android phone or tablet using the file manager and follow the on-screen instructions to install Pokemon GO.
  4. Now open the game and start playing.

After successful installation of the game, check out how to play Pokemon GO game. If you are unable to install the game or are having issues with the game, do let us know in the comments below. Also, you can check out the Pokemon GO common errors and their fixes.

Also, only download Pokemon GO APK from trusted sites like APKPolice, APKMirror, etc. Getting the APK from untrusted/unknown sources or sites can result in malware attacks. A new malicious Pokemon GO APK has been discovered that installs a backdoor called DroidJack to the victim device, thus sneaking into personal and possibly critical information. Stay safe!

  • Jenny Lyn

    im unable to install the game. it just says app not installed. does it only qork for specific devices?mine is samsung core 2 and i have the android kitkat version..

    • Ashish Yadav

      The game supports devices running Android 4.4 and later, so technically it should work on your phone. Make sure you have got enough internal storage, then restart your phone and try installing it again but only in the internal storage and not on the SD card. It should work.

    • Chloe Marshall

      I had to free up at least 1 gig of memory on my tablet then it let me

  • Kris

    I was able to install the game, but when I go through the character creation and start the game it exits the game saying “Unfortunately, Pokemon GO has stopped.”

    • Jr716- s

      Same with me

      • Chloe Marshall

        Same here too

    • David Jones

      Same 🙁

  • Allen

    it doesn’t allow me to install it – it’s like the ‘install’ button is
    greyed out. i’m using s5 from canada with version 6.01 installed. what’s
    the issue?

    • Ashish Yadav

      Are you trying to download from the Play Store? Try installing Pokemon GO APK instead.

  • Waki

    it says “app not installed”. why? my android version is lollipop. 🙁

  • Robin Holtkamp

    If i try ro open the file after downloading it, it says can not open the file. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh help

  • Manya Sharma

    I tried installing Pokemon go via VPN US access to playstore but i couldnt connnect to US play store from my country. Dont know if my linked credit card creating problem. Installing apk from unknown sources might result in account ban so installing via vpn is better choice.

    Can you guys post a guide…How to install pokemon go from USA via VPN apps from any country?

    • Ashish Yadav

      It has been reported that Pokemon GO has been officially made live in the US for Android and iOS. You should now be able to download the game via Play Store directly.

  • Nathan A Pierce

    After downloading, I try to install it but get a error “There is a problem parsing the package” any ideas? Running Android Sam.GS4 please help…

    • Ashish Yadav

      Download the APK file again and try installing it again. It may have happened due to the APK not downloading completely.

    • SOCO


    • Jade


  • Aaron

    I installed the app but when I go into the app itself it shows the makers and then it goes black??Can anyone explain this?I have a Android Asus zenphone with 5.0.1 version.It won’t let me download it from the google play store either so I need some help..

    • christopher patterson

      Same here

    • Alokesh Sarkar

      I’m also facing the same problem. The screen blacks out. Seems , the device isn’t compatible

  • pewang

    i use vivi x3s with processor 1.7 octacore but cant install coz of ‘parsing error? please help

  • Thomas viinblad Jensen

    I have a bug after downloading and trying to install it. It just says “there is a problem sharing the file” I got a samsung 3s”

  • Vignesh Suresh

    I’m Trying to install in my mobile (Lava iris X8) it stuck in install screen.( Not able to press the Install button)
    Could someone help me with this(thanks in addvance)

  • Joey Mari De Guzman

    I already have the app, been playing for 4 days already. But since yesterday afternoon, nothing’s showing up on the map anymore. Pokemons, pokestops and gyms are gone. Already reinstalled the app 10 times, restarted my phone 10 times but still the same problem. Is there a fix to this? 🙁