Have you checked out the Google Pixel 2 boot animation? If not yet, let me tell you, it looks really cool and probably you would want to have that on your Android device. Google’s latest Pixel 2 is an awesome phone. From its specifications to the design, everything is pretty great. Google is known all over the world for their top quality, whether it’s in terms of their devices or their apps and services. The boot animation in Pixel 2 has caught the eyes of many other Android phone users. Many users who are already using rooted Android device, are looking for ways to get that animation on their smartphone/tablet. Which is why, we decided to create this guide, to help you get the Google Pixel 2 boot animation on any Android device.

Note: To get this boot animation, your device needs to be rooted. These methods work only on rooted Android devices. But still, you should try this at your own risk.

how to get pixel 2 boot animation on any android device

How to Install Google Pixel 2 Boot Animation on Any Android Device

There are two ways to get the Pixel 2 boot animation on your device. Try any of these methods from below.

1. Using Flashify Application

In this method, we will use the Flashify app to install Pixel 2’s boot animation. To get the boot animation, you will have to flash its zip files on your device using a custom recovery. Many people don’t have a custom recovery, and this method is for them. Using Flashify, you can flash the boot animation’s zip files pretty easily.

Before, beginning the process, you should download some files from these links:

Flashify App: From Play Store – Link.

ZIP Files: Download Latest Version (V3) – Link.

Step 1. Transfer the ZIP file on to your Android device’s storage.

Step 2. After installing the Flashify app from Play Store, open it.

Step 3. On Disclaimer message, tap Accept.

Step 4. Now, under Flash tab, select ZIP file, and then tap Choose a file.

Step 5. Locate the ZIP file you transferred in Step 1 and select it.

Step 6. On the next step, select “CWM” under Your Recovery, and tap “YUP!”.

Step 7. Tap on Reboot Now.

When your device restarts, you will see the Google Pixel 2 boot animation.

2. Using TWRP Custom Recovery

This method is for users who have TWRP custom recovery on their Android device. XDA developers have created different versions of the boot animation. One is the Dark version, and the other is Normal version. Download any one of those, whichever you like, from the link below. After downloading it, transfer it to your phone’s internal memory.

ZIP File: Dark and White Pixel 2 Boot Animation – Link.

Step 1. The first step is to boot into the custom recovery. To do this, first turn off your phone.

Step 2. Now, press and hold these buttons together:

Volume UP + Power + Home button.

Step 3. As soon as you see TWRP on your screen, leave the buttons.

Step 4. Tap on Install.

Step 5. Locate and select the downloaded ZIP file.

Step 6. Swipe to flash the ZIP file.

Step 7. Restart your device.

Now, when your device restarts, you will see the Google Pixel 2 boot animation.


A rooted device gives you the freedom of customizing your device in any way. The ability to install Google Pixel 2 boot animation on any Android device is a very good example of that. This works fine on many rooted devices, but we cannot guarantee it will definitely work on yours. We hope we were able to help you install Google Pixel 2 boot animation on your Android device.


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