Thanksgiving has ended and the shopping season has begun! Thanks to Black Friday, online and offline retailers offer huge discounts during the season to celebrate the holiday. Well, online retailer GeekBuying has decided to surprise its buyers with some great discounts on various gadgets, which is why the e-tailer is celebrating a site-wide Black Friday sale.

To start with, GeekBuying is offering discount coupons ranging from 7%-12% on various products like smartphones, tablets, accessories, consumer electronics, etc. All the coupons will be valid till GMT+8:00 of November 30th. There are other products too in the list, like power banks, wearables, self-balancing scooters, quadcopters, action cameras, TV Boxes, and more.

black friday geekbuying

Then there’s the Black Friday 48 Hours Seckill (which means a quick shopper in this context). Here, you will get all the GeekBuying products are even lesser prices for just 2 days, but in limited stocks, which means that you will have to snap up the products very quickly. You can also lay your hands over the just released smartphones like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, UMI Iron Pro, OnePlus X, etc. These 48 Hour crazy exclusive discounted deals will be available from November 27th GMT+8:00 to November 29th only.

If you are looking for some great gadgets for yourself or your loved ones and want to save a lot of bucks, then GeekBuying’s Black Friday sale should be a must-visit on your shopping list. Happy Black Friday!