There is an Xbox week by week appearance on YouTube and on Xbox One by means of the XLEi application. This week ‘Xbox live’ had a visitor with the typical Major Nelson. It was Larry Hyrb, and also Xbox aficionado AceyBongos – Graeme Boyd. What got us more intrigued by this scene was the T-shirt Graeme was wearing. You can obviously observe that it has the Gears Of War gear-tooth and skull logo, with five dashes. Does this mean Gears of War 5 is affirmed? We trust it is, as we are enormous Gears of War Fans.

Gears Of War 5
via youtube

Gears Of War 5 Rumored To Be In Development

Neither The Coalition nor Microsoft has affirmed the presence of Gears of War 5 so far. So a release date will be some ways off. In any case, considering the reality that the Coalition has affirmed that Gears of War 4 is the establishment of another set of three, it doesn’t take a virtuoso to understand a continuation is underway. Moreover, it will in all likelihood be one of the main games to flaunt what Microsoft’s up and coming Project Scorpio is genuinely able to do.

In light of every past Gear games, we can expect the same exceptional and unfathomably rough third-person shooter action. In any case, we trust The Coalition includes a few spanners into the works. Gears of War 4 was great. However, it felt exceptionally similar to the Gears games we’ve as of now observed. To such an extent, that in delayed play sessions it could get to be distinctly dreary and ‘samey’.

Source: Ab Gaming


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