The way TC is marketing and pricing these Gears Of War 4 packs is so gross. And what’s worse is that they are only available for a limited time. Nobody has the time to grind and grind in the hopes of getting a good skin or character and even that is not guaranteed. It is like TC wants to destroy Gears of War 4 purpose.


Gears Of War 4 UIR is too expensive

Today The Coalition released a new in-game pack called the UIR pack. It contains weapons and skins from the UIR faction in the game. The issue is that the pack is priced at $10 or 4400 in game credits. For comparison, some other packs like the Holiday or Carmine packs only cost around 200 or 400 credits.

If TC does not get money from the users after first buy as a triple A game GoW4 will be destroyed in any case. It seems so clear that it sounds strange to us that people don’t get it. TC can release a new GoW every year with small investment. Or they can try to get profit from users with in-game transaction. These new packs are here for this. Do you want to support the game? Buy it. You do not want or you believe it is not worth it? Do not buy it.

Supporting the developer and having to dedicate your paychecks to the developer in order to get all the content is completely different. You don’t have to buy it. But if you want all the content, which most people would, you have to buy stuff. This thing that is going to make people the most upset if they’ve already spent more than they paid for the game on other packs to get characters. And then now this comes out. 3500 was already too much for an elite pack, but they aren’t a limited time either.


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