In many ways, Gears of War 4 is exactly what makes the series great to begin with. The game capitalizes on those strengths in a myriad of ways. Gears of War 4 PC is no joke. The game has a built in benchmark system that pushed the GPU to its limits. The game’s insane settings are yet to be conquered by today’s hardware. Obviously, this includes Nvidia’s juggernaut Titan X.

gears of war 4 pc
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Nvidia Titan X fails to run Gears of War 4 PC on max settings consistently

“”DirectX 12 is a big part of how we’re able to get additional performance out of the PC. The DX12 graphics API takes away a bunch of layers from the developer and hardware. It’s letting us have more direct control over what the GPU’s doing… We’ve completely parallelized the rendering system, meaning we’re utilizing and running more CPU cores. One big focus we had was to lower the simulation cost to give headroom for the GPU. A lot of games out there have monster GPU but get framelocked because you’re CPU bound. There’s a huge upper range we support with what we’ve done.”

I also jacked up settings beyond my rig’s near-ultra default and dropped the resolution to 1440p. I didn’t have as much luck pushing some of the settings into the menus’ crazy-high “insane” setting. Which might be because, according to Raynor, that setting has been offered for future systems and SLI power users. “The game will scale with new hardware that will come out,” he said. “You need a really high spec to get in there. It looks awesome, but it’s very GPU-hungry.” (While I couldn’t test Raynor’s assertions that the game has been optimized to make the most of SLI graphics card performance, he insisted that users would see substantial boosts if they double-card.)”

You can check out the full interview at Ars Technica. Nvidia’s flagship Titan X Pascal cannot even run the game at 4K 30FPS or a steady 1440p 60+FPS at max settings.

Let us know whether you are enjoying Gears of War 4 PC.


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