This Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Tips & Tricks article includes how to rank up fast in Gears of War 4 & how to get Credits fast in the game. Escalation gives you the best XP. There is a specific bounty called KOTH Score II that also gives 3000 XP.

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Best & fastest way to level up and get credits in Gears of War 4 multiplayer

Personally, we think horde is better for credits because the time it takes to complete a king of the hill game you could have done waves 1-10/20 and get hundreds of credits. You only get like 80 credits in the one game of koth. Some players talk about going into a horde match once with 200 credit and doing 1-50 and coming out with 2600 at the end.

Insane 1-50 on horde with an insane 1-20 bounty is by far the best way. Plus you get about 3500-4000 credits for an insane 1-50 run. There is a method (getting patched soon with Title update) that allows for you to easily clear insane 1-50 in around 50 minutes. Even without the glitch, Horde is BY FAR better for XP. Get a group of 5 experienced players, and equip the Insane Horde Challenge II bounty (20,000 XP for 1-20 insane). Even if you can only complete 1-20, you’re getting a ridiculous amount of XP. 1-50 insane does net around 3,500-4,000 credits also. The recommendation is to go in with a subclass that is AT LEAST 5. Recommended 7-10 with high-level cards.

Plus, at the end of the day, everyone has a blast playing Horde. Leveling classes and getting new cards is so fun. And challenging yourself on each level and coming up with new strategies is great. In Gears 3 it took 3,851,750XP to get to level 100, making the max level 15,407,000. Basically, you can get to the max level in Gears 4 about the same as for Gears 3.

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