The Coalition keeps posting videos of the carmine’s with the hashtag #ItRunsInTheFamily. We believe that could be a hint for a future Gears Of War 4 Carmine Pack DLC. We really would like to see the Carmine’s, rather than just the e-day and v-day gears because we really dislike their voice actors. Hopefully, there’s a pack coming out with the carmine pack for all 4 brothers.

gears of war 4 carmine pack dlc
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Gears Of War 4 Carmine Pack DLC

We never thought Benjamin Carmine was a coward. He’s definitely anxious and nervous but he seems quite brave in our opinion. Ben acted like any rookie would in war he was scared shitless but still went on to fight that takes balls.

So, $10 for some character skins? We get that someone needs to update the old skins and import the old dialog and skins from an old engine to new but $10? They should charge no more than $4. It doesn’t sound a lot but the devs don’t get paid based on how many people buy from them. They get paid a salary like everyone else, and cosmetic DLC is charged on a “what people will pay” basis and not based on how much it cost to actually make.

Anyways, if they do release the Carmine brothers as DLC it better not be overpriced like the Run the Jewels pack. We also need a Locust pack, Carmines pack, UIR pack, and Old school pack. No stupid skins, colorful splatoon stuff. AND switch ARM RACE TO TDM for the new maps because no one is choosing AR. We really hope someone from Coalition is reading this because Christmas is getting close and we don’t want to be disappointed.

Gears of War 4 is a third-person shooter video game developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Let us know your thoughts about the rumored Gears Of War 4 Carmine Pack DLC in the comments.


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