For all the intense action, gore and chainsaw bayoneting going on, it’s easy to forget that the Gears of War series is laden with awesome Easter Eggs and secrets. Gears of War 4 is no different and along with the various collectibles, there’s plenty of incentive to go out of your way and uncover the various secrets within the game. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means but here are five secrets and Easter Eggs that stand out the most in Gears of War 4. Spoilers in-bound.

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Gears of War 4 has the Despicable Me’s Freeze Gun

In the first prologue mission at insane difficulty, it’s possible to find a Freeze Gun. After the door with two panels, just before the turret that can be commandeered, you will encounter three enemies that must be rapidly killed. After killing them, sprint the door to the right and you can enter it just before it closes. You will find the Freeze Gun there.

Leviathan easter egg

The Leviathan are some of the most dangerous creatures in the Gears of War universe. They are even feared by the Locust. One such Leviathan served as a boss in Gears of War 2. Load up the harbor map in Horde 3.0 before securing the Fabricator. You’ll find Leviathan statues. Shoot these in a particular order and locate a lever in the middle of the map. After this you will hear a horn that will summon a Leviathan from the depths of the ocean.

Anya’s Grave

There’s a lot of mystery around the wife of Marcus Fenix. She was a key element of the first three Gears titles. It’s obvious she isn’t around anymore but you can confirm this by visiting the Fenix Estate for the first time. In Act 2, Chapter 1, simply keep walking past the little hut that Marcus is in until you see a small iron gate with a little flower as a collectible. Open the gate and you’ll initiate a secret cutscene where JD leaves to pay his respect at Anya’s grave.

Cole Train celebration song

What would the game be without any reference to Cole Train. In Act 5, chapter 3, you can unlock the Cole Train celebration song by hitting a car through a sort of goal. The goal consists of two trees. Simply wait for Bear to talk about the number of enemies and then kick the car through the goal post.

Gears of War 1 theme

In the midst of the manic fight in the Fenix state, it’s easy to run by these easter egg. When you’re still on the top floor and have to run downstairs to reach the tunnel, look for a piano in one of the adjacent rooms. Play the piano when the command prompt pops up and you will recognize the theme from the first game.


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