New comments are fuelling speculation on Elder Scrolls 6 coming out of Bethesda, and meanwhile, The Division is getting a new Incursions update as the first bit of content for the game. And we might finally have a release date for the extremely long-awaited Final Fantasy XV.


According to Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios, the studio has several projects in the works, a comment that fuelled speculation that one of those titles might be The Elder Scrolls VI. This seems especially likely considering Bethesda will be holding another press conference this year to showcase the games they will be publishing. According to Howard, the projects he mentioned are still “a long way off” and that “no one should expect to hear about those anytime soon.”

The Division has seen a terrific start, both critically and commercially, and will be soon getting the Incursions update in April. This update will add “an endgame activity designed for squad play, challenging teams of four players to face nigh-unstoppable enemies for high-level loot.” You will also be able to trade loot following the update.

Final Fantasy XV’s release date may have been leaked. According to three independent sources who confided into Gematsu, Final Fantasy XV will see its release on the Xbox One and PS4 on September 30th this year. While Gematsu swears by the information’s authenticity, they caution that the information might still be subject to change.


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