Nintendo released NES Classic Edition during November and the system skyrocketed, managing to sell more than 200,000 units in just a couple of weeks; for instance, the Wii U gathered the same sales numbers in six months. The system costs $60 and offers lots of classic NES games preinstalled, such as Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy.

mini nes classic edition
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Stores quickly sold all NES Classic Edition consoles, and the system is unavailable at the moment, except if you want to buy it from eBay where it sells for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Gamestop and Best buy announced they will have the console back in stock later this week. NES Classic Edition will be available at Gamestop stores on Thursday and Friday in limited stock; the store urges buyers to call and check out how many consoles are left in stock. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to be very, very quick.

Another retail chain, Best Buy, should have the console in stock starting December 20, but also in limited quantity. So, if planning on getting one, go to your nearest Gamestop store and preorder one, or hope that Best Buy still has some NES Classic Edition is stock.

The classic console became a best-seller, and it seems Nintendo will try to sell the console in large numbers during this year’s holiday season. While the two mentioned stores are the only ones that should get new shipments of the classic NES, it is expected for other retail chains to get the new shipments soon. As of now, the console can be bought on eBay, for a price that’s six times higher than retail.


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