5. iAMFAM: Little Dream Home

iAMFAM: Little Dream Home is another great title that’s worthy of being part of our list of games like The Sims. This cool game amalgamates Dating and Life-simulation with a fantastic virtual World experience beautifully. Its gameplay follows the standard Life-simulation formula and lets you live a virtual life in a virtual world environment. Just like your real life, iAMFAM: Little Dream Home offers various objectives. These objectives include building a home, dating the love of your life, raising a family and finding better options.

Games like Sims iamfam-little-dream-home

In the game, you are at the liberty of selecting and customizing your family members, make a good career in Fashion, Arts, Finance, and IT. You’ll have to earn money by working in any of the given professions to support your family and to raise your children with the good standards. Going on some amazing quests, taking care of pets, decorating your home, and connecting with people are the most exciting features of the game. With a realistic approach to all the matters just like you would do in real life, iAMFAM: Little Dream Home offers a variety in the play.

If you want something that is like The Sims in general but offers more diverse features, iAMFAM: Little Dream Home would probably be your best choice. iANFAM: Little Dream Home is available to play on Android, iPhone, and PC.


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