8. Serenia Fantasy

Games Like RuneScape

Serenia Fantasy further improves the MMORPG genre with its inventive 2D browser-based gameplay. Released back in 2012, Serenia Fantasy has a huge player base worldwide. The game has an overwhelmingly beautiful User Interface and visual approach that sets it apart from all the traditional MMORPG titles. It offers fairly limited character and customization options but lets you enjoy diverse gender choices. Serenia Fantasy offers three character classes with archetypes such as Warriors, Mages, and Rangers. You’ll definitely enjoy a brief tutorial that lets you get familiar with all the things that you can do in Serenia Fantasy. The unique automated Combat lets you automatically get engaged into brawls with your enemies. This feature is quite satisfying for all the casual MMORPG but it might be not that entertaining for the ones who want more detail in the game.

It further lets you create your own bots that excel in professions such as healing, fighting, and loot collection. With plenty of grinding and freedom of exploration, Serenia Fantasy offers an assortment of content. The unique skill system and pet mechanics of the game make it easy for you to defeat the enemies. you can equip your character with Spirit Eggs that boosts up the stats and lets you pet turn into a monster for a brief amount of time. This helps damage the enemies more. In addition, the skill system helps you make fewer mistakes while in combat with the enemies. Another great feature of Serenia Fantasy is the detailed encyclopedia that helps you learn about the monsters and environment. Overall, Serenia Fantasy is quite satisfying with its innovative gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a powerful story. You can play Serenia Fantasy Online on the Official Website.

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