4. EverQuest 2

RuneScape like games

If you are a fan of Quests and character customization oriented Fantasy and MMORPGs, EverQuest 2 is the best choice. The game is a direct sequel to the popular EverQuest and offers a similar experience. This remarkable game is now totally Free-to-Play and lets you enjoy hours of pure entertainment. its is set in a similar fictional world named as Norrath as the previous game but offers a different story. With a new line-up of characters, EverQuest 2 lets you enjoy innovative customization mechanism, and offers a more diverse approach to races and classes. Questing and exploration still remain the most important element of the game. In the guild-based play, you’ll find it miraculously rewarding. The Death Penalty feature of the game is quite weak as compared to the original EverQuest.

It now costs as little deduction of experience and durability loss and impacts the character’s strength in a very little amount. This offers an edge to the player and he/she can stay firm on the objectives for a longer time. The unique Mentor System makes EverQuest 2 an innovative title in the whole series. It lets you help your friends if they need a hand with getting into the game world. You can also make parties with low-level players using this feature and help them have some of your skills. EverQuest 2 is a bit old title but it’s still widely popular among the MMO and RPG circles worldwide. It’s no doubt a fantastic title for all those who love playing games like RuneScape. You can enjoy EverQuest 2 on PC by downloading it from Steam.

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