3. ArcheAge

Games Like RuneScape

ArcheAge is another great MMORPG title similar to RuneScape. The game offers a variety of Content but lacks the innovative approach to the core elements. With a combination of Fantasy-based play and MMORPG elements, ArcheAge lets you follow your own path. To change the game world around you and to progress, it allows you to be part of a unique Housing system and enjoy a Class free play. This makes it easy to select your desirable skills as you progress. ArcheAge also offers gender choices for primary characters and lets you select your character from four classes. It lets you customize the characters with all the available choices. The combat in ArcheAge is fairly rewarding.

It focuses on more traditional aspects than any of the trending fantasy MMORPGs. You are able to enjoy both Land and sea-based combats in the game with PvP specs. The diverse nature of the game lets you have additional content for the game outside of the main story. This makes ArcheAge different than your traditional fantasy MMORPG. With a remarkably deep Housing and weapon mount system, it offers a variety of different innovative features. Exploration, resource collection, crafting, and some farming elements are the prominent features of Archeage. With a vast MMO experience, quality content, and a brilliant gameplay, ArcheAge is one of the best games like RuneScape for all the Hardcore MMORPG and Fantasy enthusiasts. You can enjoy ArcheAge on Microsoft Windows.

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