7. Mighty Monsters


While talking about all the amazing Monster Hunting games, not including Mighty Monsters would definitely be a disappointment. Mighty Monsters is a fun Android and iOS Monster Hunting game that offers a Pokemon like experience. Mighty Monsters draws its inspiration from Pokemon and allows you to enjoy the most exciting monster hunting experience ever. With a casual play, Mighty Monsters scores well on both iOS and Android platforms. It features Social elements as well as the PvP battles and all the monster hunting mechanics.

The online Chat feature lets you communicate with fellow Monster Hunters and join parties using the multiplayer feature. It offers a quest-based gameplay in which it lets you complete various objectives on different Islands. With goals of becoming a skilled Monster Hunter, Trainer, and Breeder, it offers a chance to top the Ranks on Leaderboards. The monsters in the game are divided into different classes and categories. These categories include Fire, Water, Grass and the monsters are scattered on all the islands. You can start with any monsters class; capture all the monsters and move towards the next Island. It’s that simple. For a seemingly similar Pokemon experience, Mighty Monsters would definitely be a great choice. Do give it a try.

8. Battle Camp


If you love playing games with an in-depth approach to the key Monster Hunting elements, Battle Camp is your best bet. It offers a brilliantly resembling gameplay to the Pokemon. The primary objective is to create your own dream team of Monster Hunters and enjoy completing various quests. Battle Camp offers PvP focused combats, story-driven gameplay, and lengthy quests. It features over 900 unique monsters and allows you to capture, tame and train them. Once you’ve trained them, you can make any of them part of your team and go hunting for more monsters.

With Pokemon Style combat and puzzle matching elements, you can compete against other players online. Battle Camp includes both PvP and PvE in online Multiplayer play. It makes it more interesting to capture monsters while competing against the fellow players. Battle Camp allows up to five players in a team and allows you to level up the monsters by winning the battles. With a very competitive gameplay, loads of achievements, quests, and beautiful graphics, Battle Camp is one of the greatest Monster Hunting games like Pokemon.


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