5. GeoSociety Plus


This sequel of the popular GeoSociety is one among the best games like Pokemon. It offers a gameplay quite similar to Pokemon and offers playability on both iOS and Android devices. GeoSociety Plus released back in 2011 but its still doing good in markets because of the regular content updates. The primary objective of the game is to Capture, Breed, and Train the monsters. As an employee of the GeoSociety, your duty is to save the GeoRealm and all the GEOMonsters from outside threats. This outstanding Monster Hunter game is not so short on providing with wonderful features. It offers over 350 types of different breeds of monsters to capture, train and battle with.

You are allowed to create a party of Nine monsters, select the suitable skills and go battle against the monsters in GeoRealm. The inclusion of PvP (3v3) battle, Strategy, and Standard gameplay mechanics makes it even more interesting. As you progress in the game, winning battles help upgrade the monsters via various mutation types. After every mutation, a monster gets a level-up and that brings more power to your party. Because of a similar gameplay and unique monster capturing mechanics, GeoSociety Plus is one of the best games like Pokemon to enjoy. Do give it a try and enjoy the ultimate fun.

6. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is a Nintendo Specific RPG Monster Hunting video game. It offers a gameplay lot similar to its predecessor, and a DLC that adds up a bit more detail in gameplay. With a standard gameplay, it tasks you to explore the game world and capture Wild Monsters. The captured Monsters then can be trained and added to your party. Joker 2 features both old and new monsters in the game. This maximizes the number of monsters to 300 and you can Tame and Train over 100 monsters at a time.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 offers Turn-based combat and allows you to enjoy AI settings. With AI settings you can simply set parameters for an automatic process that helps avoid all the manual tasks. Multiplayer Online feature lets you enjoy PvP (8v8) battles with a party of eight characters. The story of Joker 2 connects the game to the previous one and that balances the play very well. With a variety of characters, unique combat mechanics, an addictive gameplay and standard MH play, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is a fun Monster Hunting game for all the hardcore fans of Pokemon.


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