3. Dragomon Hunter


For all those who have always dreamt of Anime-style Pokemon game with MMO, Dragomon Hunter will definitely be a great source of entertainment. This remarkable Monster Hunting game offers a brilliant combination of MMO and Anime mechanics. Your primary objective in the game is to Explore, battle, and Capture various monsters, tame and train them. Dragomon Hunter offers a beautiful Anime-style game world and lets you traverse through different environments. While traversing through the environments, you must fight the monsters, capture them and bring them back to your crib. Once home, you can tame and train them and take them on beautiful adventures with you.

The battles mechanics of the game are similar to the one in “Tera”. This means you’ll have to be more careful when approaching the monsters. Attacking the monsters, engaging in combat and finally capturing them takes a lot more than any simple techniques. So, you must be really good at your skills or else you’ll lose a beautiful monster. The characters in the game include Scouts, Mercenaries, Mages, and Clerics. You are allowed to pick any one of them, select the best skills and enjoy Hunting for some pesky monsters. With all the fun crafting abilities, a new rewarding formula, epic loot, and loads of monsters, Dragomon Hunter is one of the best Monster hunting games like Pokemon.

4. Micromon


Micromon takes the Monster Hunting adventure to the portable devices and allows you to enjoy it on iOS platform. The game offers over a hundred beautiful monsters, a combat focused PvP gameplay and a well-written storyline. The unique RPG element takes it a bit closer to the Pokemon and that’s why it offers a similar gameplay. According to the storyline, Micromon takes you to the word of Pixekai and makes you a companion of a Professor. The professor encourages you to go out on a mission to capture and train over 100 different types of Micromon.

The secondary objective is to battle against the members of “4 Legion” and resurface as a skilled tamer. Furthermore, the game offers various Side quests, explore a variety of other environments and defeat the Black Root. Black Root is a mega corporation with strong ties to Vaithe, the Micromon. The combat part of Micromon is quite simple. It offers Six main elements such as Water, Wind, Fire, Mineral, Normal, and Special. These elements are your ultimate weapons against the enemy Micromon. Micromon also offers multiplayer support and lets you enjoy both Single and Multiplayer play at the same time.


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