Niantic Inc. did with Pokemon Go what no other company could do. Niantic’s revolutionary Pokemon GO game took the world by storm. The developers of the game showed what Augmented Reality is capable of. Roaming around in the real world with your smartphone to find Pokemons and capture them! Who knew augmented reality could become so exciting?

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AR simply means that the app or game augments reality into its functioning, which means that you can to rely on the real life to play an augmented reality game or use an AR app. But Pokemon GO is not the only augmented reality game/app that we have got, and this is certainly not the first time an Android app has used AR technology.

If you have played Pokemon GO and/or are wondering if there are more such games and apps, yes there are. We have created a list of 10 best augmented reality games like Pokemon GO that you should definitely try out right now. Maybe one of those could become your favorite AR game. Let’s check out the games similar to Pokemon.

1. Ingress


This is the first augmented reality game developed by Niantic that relies on your GPS location and is one of the most similar games like Pokemon GO. Your objective is to hack portals and build them up after choosing one of the teams to fight against the other side. You must travel to various destinations in the real world to hack several portals and own them for your team. The hunt is on for the mysterious energy that has been unearthed by a team of scientists in Europe.

Move through the real world using your device and the Ingress app to discover and tap sources of this mystery energy. Yes, it’s working mechanism is similar to Pokemon GO, but the overall feel is different for those who want to try something new.

2. Real Strike – The Original 3D Augmented Reality FPS Gun App

real strike

Developed by Yii International, this awesome app turns reality into a military base and brings first person shooting in the real world. It combines your real-life surroundings with 3D gun animation with 25 weapons to choose from. The firing, reloading, and animations are sensitive and cool. Combat items include night vision, thermal vision, and more. It’s an awesome game for FPS lovers, but it’s available for iOS only.

One of those very few apps like Pokemon Go which lets you experience the full power of augmented reality. In fact, the experience is different from Pokemon Go in the sense that get to go around the world shooting with the weapons of your choice.

3. Life is Crime

life is crime game like pokemon go

Unlike Ingress or any other light and fun games like Pokemon GO, Life is Crime is based a slightly more real-like concept of gangs and criminals, and those who love watching villains will love it. In this game, players can join gangs of their choice and can have live chats with fellow players. You can fight with other gangs to win territories and complete tasks for rewards. The whole focus of the game is to build your rep and dominate your turf. The more active you are, the higher your criminal reputation and the more notorious you become where you live. You get to commit virtual crimes at real places! Very similar to catching virtual Pokemons in real places! The player base of this game is decently-sized and the game is entertaining. It just needs more players for more fun.

4. Zombies, Run!

zombies run pokemon go like game

Talking about free augmented reality games, this one is basically targeted towards people who want a fun way of jogging or running around to maintain their fitness. Basically, this app has a lot of different missions where zombies surround you and you have to run from them. You have to plug in your earphones for the best sound effects, and then all you’ve got to do is run for your life!


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