The following list of games like Life is Strange provides titles with Choice and Consequence mechanics. We’ve compiled this list by focusing on not just the Emotional aspects but the other crucial elements as well. You’ll find games that are similar to Life is Strange and are equally exciting as well. Hopefully, it’ll help you get familiar with some of the best alternatives to Life is Strange.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a remarkable new title by Dontnod. It offers an epic mix-up of Graphic Adventure, Action, and Drama in an Episodic story. The game revolves around Max Caulfield, a teenage Photographer and her friend named as Chloe Price. Set in the midst of the Town of Arcadia, game’s story focuses on the mysterious happenings and some unexplainable events. The story unfolds as Max gets caught-up in an unusual event that leaves her with the ability to rewind time. The story further gets a twist when Max’s attempts to change various events that happen dramatically during the play. In general, Life is Strange builds up on emotional thematic. It allows the players to enjoy every bit of its fantastic elements. These elements include the remarkable story that centers on all the key characters (NPCs) and their involvement in the game.

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Exploration, interaction with the NPCs, Third-person perspective, Challenging Puzzles, Quests, and Dialogue mechanics are the most prominent features of this brilliant game.

Games Like Life is Strange

If you liked playing Life is Strange, then you must be wondering if there are more games like Life is Strange. Well, there are plenty of similar games out of which we have selected only the best games like Life is Strange. Let’s check out the list below.

1. To the Moon

Games Like Life is Strange

To the Moon is an adventure and interactive Action, Adventure and RPG video game by Freebird Games. The game revolves around an innovative technology built by Sigmund Corp. that tends to create artificial memories. This technology assists the people on their death bed and lets them relive their memories one last time. Into the Moon’s story centers on the characters of Dr. Rosalind and Dr. Watts as they help Johnny via his memories to travel to the Moon. Your act in the game is quite fascinating as you are to help Johnny travel to the Moon by making yourself a part of his memories. With a 16-bit graphics set, the gameplay is much like any other 2D RPG game. It allows you to explore, collect items and set the path for Johnny to visit the Moon.

To the Moon is a violence free game which offers a calm and slow pacing gameplay. The fantastic story of the game lets you jump from one memory to another while collecting various items, solving puzzles and leaping towards Johnny’s Childhood. With a beautiful plot and all the other unique aspects of the game, you’ll experience a great blend of Adventure, RPG, and drama in the game. To the Moon is no doubt one of the best games like Life is Strange for all those who love Adventure, Interactive and RPG games. To the Moon is available for download on Steam for Windows PC and Mac.

2. L.A. Noire

more Games Like Life is Strange

This particular title among the best games like Life is Strange offers a unique amalgamation of Action and Adventure elements. With a Neo-Noir Detective drama, L.A. Noire is a Single-player attraction for all the hardcore enthusiasts. The game takes place in a historic era in the year 1947 where it sets you up in the role of a Los Angeles Police Department officer. To complete the objectives, L.A. Noire tasks you to solve a variety of different cases based on the vicinity of five major divisions. Visiting the crime scenes, collecting clues and evidence, following up the leads, interrogating the suspects, is all part of this remarkable game. As a detective, it’s your task to solve the cases and complete the objectives of the game. The game offers a very film-noir environment and depicts the true culture and aesthetic of the era.

With a very distinctive color palette, it also lets you play the game in black and white sometimes that makes it even more interesting. The plot elements of the game draw heavily from that time’s major detective and mobster stories including some of the biggest names such as The Naked City, The Untouchables, L.A. Confidential, and Chinatown, etc. The third-person perspective and the unique visual style takes it to a whole new level of excitement. In this particular niche, L.A. Noire is probably one of the best games like Life is Strange that will definitely entertain you well. It’s available to play on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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