2. Bloodborne

Games Like Dark Souls

Bloodborne tops the charts among the best Action-RPG games of all times. It offers a totally new experience of this particular genre and allows playability on PS4 only. In this game, you act as lone Hunter in a Dark Gothic environment. Your task is to explore the world around you and combat against the creatures of the dark. It offers Third-person perspective and focuses on Melee Combat, exploration and your abilities to survive in the midst of beastly creatures, monster bosses and all the harshness of the environment. Set in the city of Yharnam, Bloodborne is all about Advanced Medicine Science that relies on Blood. The breakthrough in blood sciences makes it an ultimate cure and it attracts travelers to Yharnam.

You act as one of the travelers who journeys to Yharnam in search f a powerful blood mix known as Paleblood. The discovery of Paleblood pushes the city into an epidemic that turns the population into bloodthirsty bestial creatures. Your task is to find the Paleblood, make a cure and reverse the effects of the outbreak to restore order in Yharnam. Story wise, Bloodborne is one of a kind Action-RPG game. The third-person perspective, bloody combats, fast-paced gameplay, loads of items and weapons, NPCs, dark themed visuals and all the RPG drama, Bloodborne is a remarkable game to play. As one of the best games like Dark Souls does try it out and enjoy the ultimate Action-RPG fun. Download Bloodborne for PS4.

3. Lords of the Fallen

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Games Like Dark Souls

This particular Action-RPG title is one of the closest and most resembling games like Dark Souls. Lords of the Fallen is set in a dark world and it tells the story of eternal conflict between Humans and the Demonic legions. Exploration is once again the key element in Lords of the Fallen. It allows yo to get into the character of Harkyn who alone stands in the way of a Supernatural entity onslaught. As the only hope for the Humanity, you must defeat the enemy and save the world of fallen. With a remarkably rewarding and rich game world, an adventurous and a bit of dramatic story, a combat-oriented gameplay, and the advanced mechanics, Lords of the Fallen is the best Action-RPG title you’ll ever come across. The gameplay is Complex and fast-paced at the same time.

Combat is mainly focused on Melee aesthetics and it lets you use some innovative melee weapons as well. Third-person perspective lets you enjoy the game even more. Lords of the Fallen offers a linear story, exploration is the key element but its allowed inside the story arc. This is a bit disappointing for all those who love exploring the game worlds. However, if we compare it to other games with respect to its design and other elements, Lords of the Fallen stand out as the best. The combat feel of the game is just like Dark Souls. It offers similar mechanisms for simple and complex enemies and rewards you for every enemy you kill. As a brilliant Dark Souls clone, this game will really satisfy you to the core. Get Lords of the Fallen for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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