Well, you may be a game freak playing games 24×7. You may even live stream your video when playing a game. But you must be smart enough to take care of certain basic things. Like leaving your room door locked. Because if you don’t, you never know who walks into the room half-naked! And this is exactly what happened with a teenager recently.

A teenager was playing League of Legends online with his friends. He seemed to be enjoying the game, with one camera focused on the game and the other on his face. The background of the room was visible in the live stream (obviously!). But he had made a blunder – the gaming champ had left the room’s door wide-open! And guess what happened next? He was left red-faced when his live stream was interrupted by his half-naked Mom, wearing just her bra and knickers!

via Twitch

The gamer, noticing his mom appearing in the background, quickly asks her to go away and close the door, indicating that he is playing a game with live stream on. Her reaction doesn’t look all too intimidating, she’s all cool and calm and tries to poke her head back around the door again. The video was published on YouTube on December 17 and has gone viral since then.

It takes presence of mind to handle a situation like this. And it looks like both the gamer and his mom handled it quite well, without creating too much fuss. One of the YouTube comments read – “Could have gotten angry or embarrassed but instead laughed it off”. Well, one cool Mom there!!



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