Immediately after the global release of Persona 5, Atlus, the game’s developer, issued an edict that prevents players from streaming their gameplay past a certain point of the game. From its website, the Japanese game developer has advised gamers and content creators against spoiling the plot line of the game. In line with this, Atlus warned players not to post or stream the game past the 7/7 game date. Otherwise, they risk their accounts getting suspended.

Persona 5 streaming ban from Atlus

Unfortunately, this only enraged a number of gamers as they took to the Internet to register their grievances. A number of online content creators might be in for some reckoning from Atlus as they directly disobeyed the game developer’s requests.

When Persona 5 was first released in Japan, the developer deactivated the share button on the Playstation 4. However, as soon as the game released worldwide, Atlus lifted the ban. In its place, it issued a lengthy note for gamers and online content creators to follow.

At the moment, popular web streaming services like Youtube and Twitch are teaming with Persona 5 streams beyond the allowed game date. One gamer even tweeted a video on how to bypass Atlus’ ban on streaming.


Some of the gamers were a bit vocal about their issues with Atlus. However, there are some who question the developer’s policies.



Unfortunately, Atlus has every right to impose restrictions on its games. It is totally understandable that the developer would want to protect the game that it worked so hard on. However, this would only ensure backlashes from the game’s massive number of fans. Furthermore, denying gamers the ability to share their experiences will only create more opportunities for other gamers to circumvent the rules.


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