We’ve been seeking and asking for numerous years that Nintendo would, in the long run, convey GameCube games to the Virtual Console. Furthermore, they may take a shot at only that for the Nintendo Switch. That is as per Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi. He practically affirmed that they are chipping away at something like that. Furthermore, those were his actual words.

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GameCube Games Arriving On The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console

“We can’t give a solid answer since we don’t have anything to report right now. In any case, there’s something I can let you know. We are chipping away at a few things thusly.” This isn’t the first time when we’ve heard reports of Nintendo Switch GameCube games being emulated. Back in December, it was accounted for that Nintendo was attempting to convey GameCube games to the Switch Virtual Console. Moreover, it was additionally revealed that they were taking a shot at connectors for Switch to interface GameCube controllers.

Nintendo has offered NES, SNES, and N64 games on the Virtual Console for a long time now. Clearly, GameCube games are more unpredictable to port and all the more demanding on equipment. Be that as it may, the GameCube was discharged more than 15 years back. So the Switch ought to have no issue copying GameCube games.

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