Game of Thrones is a sensational series, filled with twists, unpredictable deaths, sharp politics, and above all awesome dragons. The series has kept the world engaged in its herculean storyline and erratic scenes. The season 7 is in the making and the world is waiting for it desperately. But we have a bad news and a good advice for all the fans of Game of Thrones. The bad news is that the plot of the seventh season of the iconic series has been leaked and the good advice following this bad news is that, fans should be careful while browsing information online for the seventh installment of Game of Thrones.


As per the spoilers of the seventh season, there is going to be a very uncomfortable alliance forged in between Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Cersei. This uncanny alliance will be formulated so as the White Walkers can be killed. While the three pillars stand strong together, in between the fight, Cersei, owing to her blood of betrayal would be seen ditching the fight and leave. But handsome Jamie Lannister will be seen continuing the fight.  

Jon snow would give up his title as the North King and Cersei, in a very important still, would be seen waking up in bed with blood all over her. This infers that she might be pregnant with, of course, Jamie but would have suffered a miscarriage. Arya would be executing Littlefinger but he would survive that and escape the place with Sansa. Jon Snow real identity will be revealed only in name as Aegon, to Sam and Brian but that would be under the wraps for Jon Snow. A marvelous scene of dragons is expected in the season considering there is going to be a lot of fight. Well, a lot is going to happen in the series, can’t wait.


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