Hacking has always been the boon of major tech companies. Since the advent of computers, many individuals or group of individuals have been trying to overturn big companies in the software industry. With the increasing number of concerns from software developers, some of them employ a sort of digital rights management software or DRM. For this, Denuvo is currently the leading DRM provider in the world. However, one cannot say that its solutions are entirely fool-proof.

Denuvo DRM cracked by CPY

For the longest time, Denuvo has been battling a group of hackers and game pirates targeting its customers. Just a few months ago, a group of hackers was able to crack the DRM of the new Resident Evil 7 game. According to Torrent Freak, the fall of Denuvo’s DRM protocol came about just five days after the game’s release. For the DRM provider, this is not a very good publicity. So, in retaliation, Denuvo has updated its digital rights management software to be even better.

Unfortunately, while the company tried its best to make the next version more robust than the previous one, it still did not withstand the probings from a group of hackers who call themselves CPY. A month after releasing the fourth version of Denuvo’s DRM with the game 2Dark, CPY managed to crack it.

To some, it would seem like a never-ending battle between good and evil. Denuvo is doing its best to protect its clients from hackers and game crackers. On the other hand, the latter are trying their best to undo the company’s efforts.

One thing that can be taken from this one though, is the fact the Denuvo’s DRM is starting to get more robust. From five days on the version three, it took the CPY team a month to break the fourth version. For sure, Denuvo will build on the current version to make it even more difficult to crack open. However, one can argue that as long as these DRMs exist, there will always be those group of individuals who will try to undo everything.


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