Samsung has done a great job with the Galaxy S7, and the company is now preparing the next iteration in its Note series, the Galaxy Note 6. While it is likely that the company hasn’t started working on its next flagship, the Galaxy S8, that does not stop rumors and speculations from spreading around.

A couple of important details have already leaked out regarding the next Samsung flagship smartphone, while many other rumors have started guessing the features and specs of the phone. So let’s see what all we have got on the Galaxy S8 right now.

galaxy s7
Galaxy S7

Galaxy S8 Might Get a Major Redesign

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung introduced a new all-metal and sleek design, which was then carried forward for the Galaxy S7 phones as well. While the S7 comes with great improvements over the S6, fans have started asking for a change in the outer appearance of the phone. It is highly unlikely that Samsung will use the same design third time in a row for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Also, the iPhone 8 in 2017 is expected to get a major overhaul in terms of design and features, and Samsung wouldn’t want to stay behind in the competition with Apple. This is why we think that the Galaxy S8 might get a major design change. A CounselHeal report says that Samsung might get a flexible OLED design for a sleeker and slimmer look with a full metal arch frame for a more futuristic look. Slimmer top and bottom bezels are expected to add into the modern concept.

S8 Will Use a 2.5K RGB Super AMOLED Screen

We reported an important leak yesterday when some important details regarding the Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Note 7, Note 7 Edge, and Galaxy X was posted on Weibo. According to the leak, the Galaxy S8 will be sporting a 2.5K Super AMOLED display. Will Samsung provide a bigger display in the next flagship? It’s possible. With the considerable bump in the resolution of the screen, the company might consider making the screen a bit larger, and we can expect a 5.2-inch display in the S8. But we are sure that it will be the best smartphone display in the market, the crispest and the brightest.

Next-Gen Snapdragon and Exynos With 6GB RAM!

Rumors have almost confirmed that the top variant of the Galaxy Note 6 will get 6GB of RAM. If that turns out to be true (which is very likely), then there’s no reason why Samsung will not provide the same level of specs in its flagship Galaxy S8. Snapdragon 820 powers this year’s flagships, so the S8 will carry the next-gen Snapdragon processor, possibly the Snapdragon 830 and the Exynos 9000 (or whatever it will be named) as suggested by a ChristianToday report.

As for the internal storage, the Galaxy S8 will come with at least 64GB of internal storage. Also, we hope Samsung does not remove the microSD slot that made a comeback in the Galaxy S7. And for the battery part, we hope Samsung does not reduce the battery capacity if it is not going to increase it.

More Exciting Features in the Galaxy S8

As we mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to get a 2.5K display, which will also open up more way for better VR quality. The Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to get a USB Type-C port, and we will more likely see the USB-C port in the Galaxy S8 as well. The new port will provide faster charging and faster data transfer.

Also, the Galaxy S8 will get a faster fingerprint sensor, and it is possible that the phone might get the fingerprint sensor in another position. It is possible that the fingerprint scanner might get embedded into the display itself, thus removing the need for the home button completely.

Better Camera, and Possibly Dual Camera

The Galaxy S7 came with a lesser megapixels camera, but the sensor size got increased, thus providing a larger aperture. This resulted into crisper images and better low-light photography. With the Galaxy S8, we expect the company to provide at least a 16MP or an 18MP camera with even larger aperture and some new gimmicks like brighter LED, faster focus, OIS, etc. Dual camera setups are popular nowadays, and Samsung might consider adding a dual-camera setup in the S8.

Galaxy S8 Release Date and Price

Just like its previous flagships, Samsung will most likely unveil the Galaxy S8 at the MWC 2017 that will be held either in February or March next year. The phone will hit the stores by the end of March or April. If we were to guess the price of the Galaxy S8, we would say it might be priced around $700. That’s just a wild guess though, and we need to wait for more leaks before coming to a more plausible guess.


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