Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is constantly in the news nowadays and new leaks and rumors keep cropping up every now and then. It was only yesterday when the rumor about the Galaxy S7 coming in January was heard. And today we have got some new rumors to talk about, rumors which will probably produce a spark of excitement amongst the Galaxy, galaxy s7

Latest speculations revolving round the internet suggest that the body of the Galaxy S7, or at least the frame of the phone, will be manufactured from a magnesium alloy. It is also possible that Samsung might continue using the glass back that it put on the table first with the Galaxy S6. Talking about the new magnesium alloy, it will make the S7 tougher and sturdier while making it look and feel even more premium, which is always a welcome move.

Another rumor about the phone suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S7 might sport a Sabre 9018AQ2M audio chip by ESS Technology. This tech will apparently provide superior audio quality to the phone, turning it into a Hi-Fi powerhouse. The audio chip is said to feature 129 dB signal-to-noise ratio and a support for PCM up to 384 KHz and 32-bit along with DSD 11.2 MHz sampling. The chip consumers only 1mW when in standby and not even 40mW when used. Well, we surely expect the S7 to pack in such goodies.


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