In case you use a laptop frequently and pay attention to the hardware details, it is highly likely that you might have heard of Synaptics. It is the company that makes touchpads, controllers, etc. And we have just received the news that Synaptics partnered with Samsung for the upcoming ClearForce technology, which is a similar pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology just like the 3D Touch (Force Touch) technology used in the new iPhone 6s.

I Ice Universe, a popular leakster on Weibo, is responsible for leaking this very important and exciting news. And for those who are wondering whether ClearForce will just be an imitation of Apple’s 3D Touch, then you’re wrong as the Samsung ClearForce tech will allow the users to perform more compelling gestures for variable speed scrolling, variable gaming control, screen wake up and unlock, etc.

clearforce, galaxy s7

The first smartphone maker to announce and integrate the Force Touch technology in its flagship is Huawei, who used it in the Huawei Mate S phablet. Rumors say that the Mate S uses Synaptics 3700 series get the pressure-sensitive touch technology. However, the Force Touch version of the Mate S is yet not out in the market because Synaptics is still working will major OEMs and will ship the tech in early 2016.

Leaks say that Samsung will include the ClearForce tech in the next year’s Galaxy S7, which isn’t a surprise. Because the market for Force Touch is growing rapidly and Samsung surely doesn’t want to miss out on it. Well, good luck Samsung!