While Samsung is working on the Galaxy Note 6 and will also start planning the Galaxy S8 soon, the South Korean company is also working on improving the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge features. The manufacturer has released a new update for the S7 smartphones, and this update is meant for the “Always On Display” feature.

Galaxy S7

First introduced with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the “Always On Display” lets you check the time and look for notifications by glancing at the display without unlocking the phone or pressing any button. This saves time as well as the battery life that is wasted when the display is turned on just to check the time. This technology is an advantage of the AMOLED screen that the phones use.

According to Sammobile, the new update for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge lets the users set a specific duration for which the “Always On Display” remains enabled. So you can now set a time limit, after which the feature turns off, thus saving more battery life. Apart from that, the feature is also disabled when the phone goes into the deep sleep mode.

Apart from that, the latest update brings an updated Night Clock feature that can now be enabled for up to 18 hours as compared to 24 hours before. If you have enabled Night Clock as well as the Always On Display feature, then the screen will show Night Clock. Also, Dual Clock has been changed to World Clock to add up to four different clocks.

To get the latest update, go to the Samsung Galaxy Apps store on your Galaxy S7 phones or simply open the My Apps section to get the update.