The Samsung Galaxy S7 is perceived to be quite far from launch, but we can have some imaginations of how the future design might look like. Presently, we know little about what the tech company is planning to feature in its next flagship smartphone. Moreover, just a few months after the Galaxy S6, the next design is to be expected. Though there are no leaks at the time being, Samsung may be considering to update its development process completely, after dropping its former “Waterfall” method and focus on its current and more resourceful “Agile” system. In brief, this could take up to two months duration in addition to the time it would take to get the S7 ready, making the path for unveiling much sooner.


The Agile system separates the different parts of development into small categories, each is then processed quickly. As soon as a module is completed, next it is tested, though not in its completed stage yet, but improvements can be done a little much faster. On the other hand, the Waterfall method creates more chances of error, as it has to do with a rigid system that once a certain process is completed, undoing the changes becomes almost impossible.


If Samsung is going to implement the Agile method as announced by AsiaToday, it is possible that the S7’s unveiling date might be shifted closer. The tech company also wants to take advantage of the show at MWC, just as it did during the launching of the S6 and S6 edge a couple of months ago. But if it performs better than some of its major rivals, this could be an advantage, as the S7 would reach many users before devices from LG, Sony, and HTC get an opportunity to compete.


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