2. Secure Folder

biometric verification
Secure folder (credit Samsung)

No doubt that Galaxy Note 7 became the most popular subject of internet memes but some its exclusive features were loved by all. Secure Folder was one such feature that is still alive and being repeated in other Galaxy smartphones.

Secure Folder is probably one the best security feature to keep your private and confidential data (such as bank details) away from public’s reach. It featured a pretty secure authentication method involving biometric and alphanumeric personal verification. Samsung has not yet officially confirmed if Secure Folder is going to arrive in S6 with the  Galaxy S6 Nougat update but Samsung recently said that they are planning to extend Secure Folder to other devices very soon.

 3. New Security Patch

Samsung Pass
Samsung Pass (Cr. Samsung)

We have already seen the latest February Security Patch on Nougat Update to Samsung Galaxy S7. Most recent patch means an upgraded level of security, and Samsung has already shown us the capability of Samsung Pass. If Samsung is going to roll out the Galaxy S6 Nougat Update in March it will come loaded with the March Security Update at least.

S6 Nougat update manual has already confirmed Samsung Pass for S6. Samsung Pass serves as a master key to all your confidential IDs on various websites and apps in your smartphone. Samsung Pass uses the user’s fingerprint to unlock every security feature and lets you login to multiple apps with just a simple verification of your fingerprints.


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