Galaxy S6 is going to witness a great deal of increase in its sales in the US, as T-Mobile has initiated a very luring trade-in offer to the customers starting from today. The offer works with the Jump! On Demand program by T-Mobile and will end on 26th October.

Well, here are the terms. In case you own a 2015 or 2014 flagship smartphone are are willing to join the Jump! On Demand program, then you can get your hands at the 32GB version of the Galaxy S6 for free by trading in your current flagship. You will be actually taking the phone on lease from T-Mobile, and after 18 months, you need to return the phone. You can also pay for the phone if you want to keep it.

galaxy s6 tmobile

The trade-in program is currently valid for newer and costlier flagships like iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note5, and Galaxy S6 Edge/Edge+. These phones can be traded in to get a free Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Tab A, and T-Mobile will keep your existing phone so that you don’t need to pay anything for the S6. In case you own an older flagship phone, then too you can get the S6 or Tab A by trading in your current phone, but you will also be required to pay $15 every month for full 18 months to use the Galaxy S6. The phones that are eligible for this offer include the HTC One M8/M9, Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s/5c, and the LG G4/G3.

If you don’t have any of the above listed phones to trade in for the Galaxy S6, T-Mobile offers you a Galaxy S6 on lease for $24/month through the Jump! On Demand program. If you use T-Mobile’s current promotion to get a Galaxy S6, you can get a free Galaxy Tab A too by attaching an additional data plan to your existing account.


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