The devastating terrorist attacks that took place in Paris on late Friday are said to be the worst attacks after 9/11. More than 153 people have been killed and the whole world is praying for Paris. Fortunately, it looks like someone was really praying hard for Sylvester, who miraculously survived the attacks, thanks to his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

According to VGTV and MobilTelefon, a man called Sylvester was just outside the Stade de France when the explosions started. A gunman and a suicide bomber had created havoc outside the stadium, amidst which a fragment of the bomb hit Sylvester. If it had not been for his Galaxy S6 Edge, he wouldn’t have been living to tell the world how tough his phone was.

Of course, the phone was totally destroyed and is not usable anymore. But smartphones, unlike life, can be replaced. Below is the video of Sylvester explaining the whole incident that took place with him. Though the video is not in English, you can still understand what Sylvester is trying to say by showing his destroyed Galaxy S6 Edge.


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