At the moment, the two premium handsets with the name of Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are the most valuable strategic assets of Samsung which will make their debuts in the very near future. Recently, there has been lots of rumours going on about the two models, we all know that the Galaxy Note 5 will be unveiled next month (August) in New York, however, circulating around the internet were also guesses that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be revealed on the same day as the Galaxy Note 5, but there is also a faction which firmly believe that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is still a long way ahead and will make an appearance at the end of this year. Whatever the result, the consumers and the fans are still looking forward at seeing the twins in their full glory. And just hours ago, there has been some very real-looking images of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus successfully made its way into the internet, but Samsung still kept its mouth shut about the authenticity of these pictures.Samsung, Galaxy S6 Edge, Plus, phablet, photos, images

A technology website with the name of All About Samsung has uploaded probably the clearest images of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to date. In the picture we can see the bigger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge laid next to the Galaxy Note 4, the predecessor of the Note 5 with a pretty impressive thinness.

Following all the rumours, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will have a 5,7-inches screen, equivalent to the Galaxy Note 5 phablet and will be much bigger than its older sister the Galaxy S6 Edge. If so, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus’ screen will have the size of 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm, means that Samsung will develop at the same time two large-size phablets with several similarities, this is a relatively dangerous move of the Korean-based manufacturer, because this probably will lead to a civil war, all about revenue each makes in the end.

Beside all that, a leaked report of the specifications of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus also gave us an insight that the device will be equip with a 16-megapixels primary camera and the secondary camera of 5-megapixels, serving the photography needs of its users. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will have the internal memory storage of 32-gigabytes and will run the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

An Impressive Design

Samsung, Galaxy S6 Edge, Plus, phablet, photos, images

Glancing at the leaked images, we can see that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus continue to possess a body design of metal and high-quality, glossy screen shield. The look doesn’t change much compare to its forerunner, only different in size. With very little information, we still don’t know Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will have what kind of upgrades and improvements when put on the table with the Galaxy S6 Edge yet. Though the lateness of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be a big disadvantage in front of all the big competitors being première this year.

Let’s wait to see if the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will have any big changes when there are more trust-worthy sources in the future, but for now, with a giant body and the design similar to its older sister, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus appearance seemed to be a bit silence making the big fans somehow disappointed. But one thing for sure that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be very much compatible to the users who would like to experience large screens and grand-size devices.


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