The Samsung Galaxy Note5 has got a smaller battery than the Galaxy Note 4, yet the phablet manages to deliver an excellent battery life, thanks to the frugal chipset and screen coupled with optimized power usage in the standby mode. A lot of battery benchmarks have revealed that the Galaxy Note5 lasts one full day with heavy usage or around two days with light to normal usage. These battery figures are excellent when considering the size of the Note5, and adding to the already excellent battery life has come a new software update.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Launch in Taiwan, image

If you own a Galaxy Note5 yourself, you will be happy to know that Samsung is rolling out an over-the-air update that will improve the battery life of the phablet further with a few software optimizations. The update also brings security enhancements and improves the call quality too. The whole update is 144MB update in size, and further contents of the update, if any, are not known yet.


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