If you did not buy the Galaxy S7 and have been keeping your hard-earned money in your wallet for the Galaxy Note 6, you should know that the phablet will now come with a different name. Sammobile cited a “credible source” from Korea and said that Samsung will now name the next Galaxy Note phablet will be named as the Galaxy Note 7.

galaxy note5
Galaxy Note5

The reason why Samsung would want to use the number “7” instead of “6” for the next Galaxy Note device is very simple and understandable. The flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge carry the “7” number, so releasing a Galaxy Note “6” after those phones would make people think they are buying an older phone. Well, it’s a good psychological point!

If Samsung does decide to skip “6” for “7” in its Galaxy Note series, this will be the first time in the phablet series. Previously, Samsung released the Tizen-powered Z3 directly after the original Z phone without releasing a Z2. Trademark for the “Galaxy Note 6” name has already been bought by the company just like it bought the “Z2”, but we don’t know whether or not it will be used ever.

Also, it is being said that the Galaxy Note 7 aka the Galaxy Note 6 may come with dual-curved Edge screen to increase the standards of the Galaxy Note series and make it a competitive device against its own Galaxy S7 Edge. Lastly, it is being said that the Galaxy Note 7 release date will be sometime in August this year, but let’s wait for an official confirmation.