The dangerous battery issue of Galaxy Note 7 is getting out of hand, and what was supposed to be one of the best Android smartphones available in the market has literally turned into a ticking time bomb. There have been numerous incidents where a Galaxy Note 7 not only exploded, but also ended up causing damage to property. Since Samsung is taking its sweet time to fix or mitigate the issue, no more TV commercials of the smartphone are going to be played.

Galaxy Note 7 normally gets released in Korea first, and it’s no surprise that TV commercials of the smartphone have stopped getting aired there as well. We will recall one incident, where an Australian posted to Reddit, claiming that his smartphone had spontaneously exploded while charging, causing damage to their hotel room.

This post was made by Reddit user called Crushader. He posted that the smartphone exploded while it was charging overnight, leaving the phone completely fried. He said the following:

“Charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when I whacked it down to the floor. Burnt one of my finger [sic] while doing that too.”


Crushader also claims he was using an approved Samsung cable and charger. He also posted several pictures of the smartphone and the alleged damage. In pictures, it looks like the smartphone went through a considerable frying process.

It is safe to say right now that owning a Galaxy Note 7 poses a serious health risk to yourself, so it would be a very good idea if you were to invest in a different smartphone. Apple is taking full advantage of the situation by bumping up the orders of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and because of this, Samsung will be losing out on a large piece of the smartphone market.


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