Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month in the US. The device is supposed to start shipping on August 19. But, it appears both T-Mobile and Verizon are too eager to start shipping the device they cannot wait for Friday, this week.

Unlike T-Mobile, Verizon does not ship Samsung flagship devices earlier than the expected date. But this time, they have decided to become a little rebellious. Several customers who ordered the Note 7 via Verizon are reportedly receiving emails confirming processing of their orders and that their orders are on their way. In fact, these clients are receiving tracking numbers to follow the path of their Note & orders.

galaxy note 7

Some orders through Verizon will arrive on 17th August, two days before the official date. As for the T-Mobile orders, few customers will have the Note 7 as early as today, 15th August, four days before the scheduled date. On that tone, it is no surprise if some Verizon orders arrive before 17th, given the shipment emails arrived yesterday, 14th August.

T-Mobile customers are not new to this trend, but Verizon customers are relatively new to it, but will welcome the early arrivals with smiles. Have you received an email confirming your order from Verizon or T-Mobile? Tell us via the comments box.